Pulapre Balakrishnan was born at Klari, his ancestral village in Kerala, India, in 1955.

He was educated at Moscow, Madras and New Delhi, and trained as an economist at

Oxford and Cambridge. His published work spans the inflationary process, the

measurement of productivity growth, the transition to the market in post-communist

Eastern Europe, agricultural involution in Kerala and economic growth in India. He is best

known for his books 'Pricing and Inflation in India' (OUP, 1991) and 'Economic Growth in

India: History and Prospect' (OUP, 2010). He has held appointments at Worcester College

of Oxford University, the Indian Statistical Institute at Delhi and the Indian Institute of

Management at Kozhikode. He has served as Country Economist for Ukraine at the World

Bank and as a consultant to the ILO, RBI and UNDP. During 2010-13 he was Director of

the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram. Currently Professor of

Economics at Ashoka University, he has for over twenty five years intervened in the

debates on the Indian economy via his popular writing. Balakrishnan is a recipient of the

Malcolm Adiseshiah Award for Distinguished Contributions to Development Studies (2014).